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Tap The Table Testimonials

Thank you for your business and for your support! We greatly appreciate our customers!

Ryan is our go to marketing professional pushing the envelope with best of breed digital content creation, digital marketing strategy and automation tailored to your specific business needs. We have worked with him on multiple brands, successfully launching many markets and he goes above and beyond to deliver and innovate for us. Highly recommend.

"...turning “comments” on Facebook and social marketing into sales has given me a competitive advantage over my competition. It is a tool that not only helps qualifying potential prospects for “sales” but it is a virtual salesman that is like the “terminator”. It never sleeps or eats it just works 365 days a year 24/7!"

Ryan was our guest speaker for our local business/networking Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce. He shared an enormous amount of valuable and very user friendly information on marketing, automation and social media tools. I was amazed at his knowledge and ability to teach & inspire others how to manage the cutting edge of the social media niche. Super glad to know him and I highly recommend him & his company!

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The Tap The Table application, is revolutionizing the restaurant industry with its innovative social media driven digital marketing platform's advanced capabilities. Tap The Table offers restaurateurs access to customer data and profit control for less than $7 per day.

Top Platform Features

"Tap The Table is really one of the coolest, most powerful restaurant apps around. Finally, your restaurant will know the answer to this simple question: How much money did my restaurant make from our social media initiatives today? or this week? or this year?

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Tap The Table reduces operational costs by freeing up staff time and resources, delivering efficiency where it counts. This means saving your business money that you can put back into providing the best service to patrons.

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Contactless Menus

Tap The Table offers revolutionary contactless menu options that include NFC Tags, QR codes, Social media, and even ChatBots!

Convert Comments to Customers

It's what put Tap The Table on the map! Convert comments & DMs into instant cash-paying customers.

Fastest Online Ordering Platform on the Market

There is no other platform or application that sells food or retail more efficiently on more channels.